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I agree with everything, and I suggest you use a pop-up travel bed. Some 
have a foldaway mosquito net, it's very useful when you're sitting outside 
and you need to put the baby for a nap. It is also easier and lighter than a 
stroller to carry. The Pogy seems great, but I didn't try it.

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> Here's my novel-like response.  It is MUCH easier to travel with an infant 
> than
> with a toddler, assuming you're breastfeeding.  I have friends who 
> backpacked
> all over India and Malaysia for months starting when their baby was 5 
> months
> old.  (When he started walking they got an apartment.)  I would absolutely 
> take
> the trip.
> Breastfeeding will also pass your antibodies on to the baby for whatever 
> bugs
> might be around.  It will also save your life on the plane.  If you are 
> nervous
> about nursing in public, maybe get one of those poncho things you can put 
> on to
> cover everybody.
> For vaccines, see what the guidelines are there--they may be different 
> from the
> U.S. (as in requiring fewer shots).  I would avoid loading up on 
> vaccinations
> or getting ahead of the typical schedule before you go--you can always get 
> them
> there if you need/want to.
> I would also highly suggest getting out of the stroller mentality 
> altogether and
> just using an Ergo or Baby Bjorn pack, so your hands are free and you 
> aren't
> dragging a giant plastic thing around with you all the time.  When baby is 
> a
> little bigger, maybe get a backpack.  (Snugli makes one that isn't as 
> massive
> as the Kelty packs, though the Kelty does have storage)
> You also do not need a porta crib or anything like that--just put the baby 
> in
> bed with you if you can make it safe (no big fluffy European down duvets, 
> for
> instance).  If that won't work, just buy a bassinet when you get there, or 
> do
> it the old-fashioned way and put baby in a dresser drawer.
> With a baby that small you will not even need any toys (trust me--you will
> regret bringing them,) and basically no other paraphernalia other than 
> enough
> diapers to get you to the next location & a few changes of clothes.  Once 
> she's
> 4-6 months old, baby will be completely entertained by what she sees just
> traveling around with you, or by chewing on spoons at the cafe etc., and 
> before
> that just keeping her close to your body and breastfeeding whenever she 
> wants
> will probably be all you need to keep her happy.
> Just ignore the mareketing forces that tell you that you need to buy a 
> truckload
> of stuff for a newborn, travel very very lightly, and take naps as often 
> as
> possible!  The only issue might be is if you end up with a c-section or 
> have
> other major issues, you might still not be feeling 100% 8 weeks after the
> birth.  So just plan on taking it very easy at first.
> --Christine
> Quoting Maryann Shenoda <mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu>:
>> Dear all,
>> My husband and I are expecting in early May.  We have an opportunity
>> to go to Budapest with the baby in late June and we were wondering if
>> it is advisable to travel with such a young infant.  We'll be staying
>> in Budapest for two weeks.  What might traveling with an infant
>> entail (shots, medicine, what to take with us, tips for the airplane,
>> etc.)?  This is our first child, so any suggestions would be much
>> appreciated.  Thanks.
>> peace,
>> Maryann
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