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Hi all--

Passing along this notice.  (See below.)  Becoming a resident House Tutor is the
one major perk a parent can get at Harvard.  You get free room and board in
exchange for (I am told) not all that much work, and a ready supply of
undergrad babysitters.  You can even have pets in some of the houses--the only
Harvard housing that allows them.  (That's why you sometimes see dogs walking
around Harvard Yard.)

These posts are extremely hard to come by, as you can imagine, and there are
usually only a handful of spots--or fewer--open for families every year. 
Whether you get picked also depends on what your academic specialty is; each
house wants a balance and if they already have 3 English lit tutors they might
not want another one.  Still, these spots are definitely worth applying for.

Also look into becoming a Freshman Proctor, if you are interested in a job like
this.  (that's a separate application)

For planning ahead, note that you are more likely to become a resident tutor if
you are a nonresident tutor first.


The Office of Residential Life is currently accepting applications for
House Tutors, both resident and non-resident, to provide counsel and
serve as a resource for undergraduates. House Tutors are typically
graduate students or junior members of the faculty whose primary roles
are to provide academic and personal advice to students, as well as to
participate in the life of the House. Tutors take initiative in
organizing and participating in intellectual, cultural, and
extracurricular activities in the House, such as discussion and language
tables, intramural sports, drama, music, and art. Tutors often represent
their departments and/or fields of study by teaching sections and
advising students interested in their fields. More information is
available online at

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