[Parentsgroup-list] sleep training?

Amanda Alvine amueller at math.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 3 11:19:26 EST 2007

As far as a book goes, I have heard from friends that the No-cry sleep 
solution (elizabeth pantley?) can be helpful.  Even as an idea-suggester 
without using all the program.

Regarding the nap thing, some kids just need less sleep no matter how 
they're parented.... annoying for caregivers, but not necessarily a 
"problem" as it were.

Oh, and often working on night-weaning can be pretty exhausting for all 
parties, so you might consider planning for it, and choosing a low-stress 
week for the first week, like maybe one of the school breaks?  Re the 
non-milk-providing person, a friend of mine had an unexpected (but 
welcome) bed-transition when Grammy came and shared a bed with her 
daughter (2?) in the daughter's room--once Grammy headed home again, she 
was all set to stay there!


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