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Hi Irene,

We more or less used the Jay Gordon method-
http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/ap/sleep.asp It took a few tries
though because at first my son still needed the calories (he was not big on
solids and was in daycare fulltime). Two factors were big in our success-
first he got more interested in solid food (around 18 months) and he got old
enough to understand when I explained that nursing had to wait for the sun
to come up. Not that he didn't complain, but he did eventually let me sleep
until sunrise around 21 months. After he turned 2 we "replaced" the sun with
a dim light on a timer so we could push his morning nursing later. I have
heard of others using a light to gradually extend the time between nursing
sessions with toddlers, for instance setting it for 3 hours and then
gradually increasing it to 5 or 6. Again though this is dependent on your
child understanding that nursing is only allowed when the light is on.

Another thing that helped in his second year was adding a crib sidecar to
our bed. We took off the rail and added some bed lifters so it was the same
height as our bed. This gave us some extra room since as he approached two
he seemed to be waking more just from me rolling over and of course if he
stirred at all he wanted to nurse.

I must admit though that once I got pregnant again I put my son in his own
bed and I don't regret it. This was after his second birthday and now
at 2.5he still joins us in bed when his light comes on in the morning
for a
morning nursing session but the rest of the night I only have the one in my
tummy to kick me. You will get more sleep eventually  :)

As for naps, they had to bring an extra person into the classroom to help
get my son down. Okay, as far as I know they still do- but now they just pat
him back while he sings or recites all of the events of his day. They used
to walk him up and down the halls until his eyes were nearly shut and then
hope that he wouldn't stir when they put him down. I think AP kids just
demand a little extra attention at daycare since they are used to being
close to us.


On Dec 2, 2007 1:05 PM, Irene Newton <irene.newton at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello knowledgeable parents group!
> Any advice on training your child to sleep through the night if they
> are 1) breastfeeding and 2) cosleeping?  How about sleep training in
> general for naps?  I don't want to "ferberize" him but I do want him
> to learn to put himself to bed.  Also, the daycare he's in has been
> having trouble getting him to sleep for >30 min for his naps - any
> tips/tricks?
> best,
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