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Hi everyone,
Here's a worthwhile petition from a good organization, Moms Rising.
--Miriam Shakow

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Subject: 	Breastfeeding Mom Denied!
Date: 	Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:13:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: 	MomsRising <momsrising at mail.democracyinaction.org>
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**Dear MomsRising member,

Doctors agree that breastmilk is best for infants, but their own =

licensing board isn't following doctor's orders. Sophie Currier recently =

learned that when it comes to supporting breastfeeding, many of our =

leaders--whether they are in the medical establishment (as in Sophie's =

case), business sector, or elsewhere--still don't "walk the talk."  You =

see, Sophie was denied breast pumping breaks during her nine hour =

medical licensing exam.  She's not alone.  Even in this day and age when =

the medical evidence is clear that breastfeeding is best for infants, =

women are regularly denied the time and location to pump.


Support for breastfeeding moms everywhere now: /"Healthcare =

professionals inform us that breastfeeding is the best possible way to =

ensure that babies thrive.  In turn, we must ensure that breastfeeding =

mothers are able to breastfeed, and given the time and environment to =

pump at work or during other professional obligations."/ Congress and =

the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) need to hear that =

breastfeeding must be supported for all moms, and that we support the =

Breastfeeding Promotion Act which is currently before Congress.

**To sign the Statement of Support for breastfeeding moms, just go to: =

?key=3D2614&t=3Dpetition.dwt =

msrising%2FsignUp.jsp%3Fkey%3D2614%26amp%3Bt%3Dpetition.dwt> **  =


msrising%2FsignUp.jsp%3Fkey%3D2614%26amp%3Bt%3Dpetition.dwt> =

/*Please forward this email to friends!/

/After you sign the Statement of Support, please forward this email to =

friends and family so they can sign on as well!/* *Your voice can make a =

difference: When a subsidiary of Delta Airlines kicked a woman off an =

airplane for breastfeeding, we sent them a petition with more than =

20,000 MomsRising signatures, and shortly afterwards the airline =

apologized and instituted a new training program for their employees.


Janee McConnell could also use the Breastfeeding Promotion Act. Janee =

worked in a grocery store that had a health consciousness she admired. =

She was such a committed employee that she rose to a management job =

quickly and was called a "rock star" by the other employees. After her =

third child was born, she tried to pump at work but there was no private =

place to go other than a dirty, windowless electrical room.  When her =

milk supply dropped she spoke up but store management was unsympathetic. =

She resigned from her management position and eventually from the store =

all together. =

Frankly, we all lose when we don't support mothers?businesses lose =

excellent employees, infants lose important nutrients, and women lose =

needed jobs. No mom should have to choose between keeping her job and =

feeding her baby and protecting her own health.

*SHARE YOUR STORY:*  Many of us mothers know personally what it's like =

to juggle breastfeeding babies and work.  Some of us have also =

experienced the pain of engorgement and the risk of mastitis when =

feeding or pumping doesn't occur every few hours.  Stories like this are =

common.  You may even have experienced something similar yourself.  =

**Share your story on our blog at: http://www.momsrising.org/node/573 =

&url=3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.momsrising.org%2Fnode%2F573>** =

* =


All too often women aren't able to breastfeed their babies even  though =

the American Academy of Pediatrics tells us it's one of the most =

important things we can do for a child's health. Let's send a strong =

message together that it's time to "walk the talk" for healthy infants =

and mothers.

**Don't forget to sign the Statement of Support to tell the National =

Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and Congress that we want =

breastfeeding to be supported for all moms?and to forward this email to =

friends so they can sign on too.  Just click here to sign on now: =

p?key=3D2614&t=3Dpetition.dwt =

msrising%2FsignUp.jsp%3Fkey%3D2614%26amp%3Bt%3Dpetition.dwt> =

Best -- Anita, Nanette, Kristin, Mary, Joan, Ashley, Katie, and Donna


Carolyn Maloney's Breastfeeding Promotion Act would amend the 1964 Civil =

Rights Act to protect breastfeeding by new mothers by providing tax =

credits to employers who provide a place to breastfeed and/or provide =

breast pumps.  This makes it a lot easier for women who want to give =

their babies breastmilk and keep their jobs.  As you may know, 82% of =

American women become mothers by the time they are forty-four years old, =

so this issue is critically important to a large portion of our nation.  =

To read the bill, go to: =

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c110:H.R.2236 =

: =

*1.      Boston Globe article on Sophie Currier: =

_breast_feeding_mother/ =

23%2Fboard_wont_relent_for_breast_feeding_mother%2F> =

2. Data about breastfeeding: =

http://www.aap.org/publiced/BR_BFBenefits.htm =

&url=3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.aap.org%2Fpubliced%2FBR_BFBenefits.htm> =

 See also http://www.aap.org/breastfeeding/ =

&url=3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.aap.org%2Fbreastfeeding%2F> =



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today on our new, secure website go to: =

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