[Parentsgroup-list] free piano if you pay the movers

Anna Shusterman anna.shusterman at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 08:27:28 EDT 2007

Hi all,

We left Somerville in a hurry (for Connecticut) and have an old piano that
stayed behind in our apartment. We got it for free and just paid the moving
expenses, and we are happy to unload it the same way. It's a nice wooden
upright piano, Story & Clark, with a bench, all of the keys and pedals work
with nice action and tension, decent sound, tune it after you move it.

Two caveats:
1) The apartment is on the ground floor but there are four steps up to it
and a narrow railing, so the movers will need a cherry picker. Previous
moves have cost us about 200.
2) We are no longer in the apartment so you just need to trust me that it is
a decent looking and sounding instrument (not a premium instrument, but
great for kids and adequate for practice) because we have no way to show it
to you first. It needs to be out before the new tenant arrives on Sept 1.
If we don't hear from anyone we will donate it somewhere, recommendations
for places receiving donations are welcome.

Thanks, and thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive, and engaging
community during our time at Harvard!

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