[Parentsgroup-list] Re: Torn between PTCC and YMCA

Miriam Shakow shakow at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 21 09:53:36 EDT 2007

We went our son to PTCC and our upstairs neighbor was in BH. The 
convenience issue is important, but it seemed that the experience in 
daycare was much better in PTCC: BH didn't go outside nearly as much, it 
seemed that the kids were on their own a lot more, and that for potty 
training and things like that, the fewer staff meant that they were much 
less willing to follow the parents' wishes. With PTCC, we always felt 
comfortable asking them to adjust their approach to our son, when 
necessary (for us, dragging our son away from toy cars and trucks to 
take part in group activities).

Good luck,

On 8/21/07 12:20 PM, Sabrina Selk wrote:
> Hi Debrah,
> I'm in the same boat choosing between PTCC and the landmark bright horizons. The BH is great cause its close by and she has friends there, but it is also a large classroom. Right now I'm leaning towards PTCC, just because she started the transition into the preschool room at BH and it has been rocky. She is the youngest in the class and apparently some of the older kids were mean to her. There's nothing so awful as having your kid come home saying 'my friends weren't very nice to me'. Because my daughter tends to be less outgoing and aggressive than some other kids I think she'll do better in a smaller setting with kids her own age. I think that in the end the choice should be based more on personality than anything else. If your kid adapts easily and is very outgoing, I'm sure they'll have no problem holding their own in any setting. 
> Best of luck,
> Sabrina
> P.S. would your child be going into toddler 2??
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