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I saw this on another parents' list to which I subscribe and thought it =

might be of interest to some here.

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> Hello lovely Somerville mamas,
> I've recently started volunteering with a group of women (mostly
> from a few other local mom and doula groups) on what looks to be a
> pretty amazing piece of "theater for social change", a la the Vagina
> Monologues (which already holds a special place in my heart) called
> BIRTH, the Play. As a soon-to-be new mom (due 11/7 and getting
> bigger every day!) I found myself really drawn to getting involved
> in a grassroots theater effort to describe =96 and ultimately change =96
> ways women experience childbirth in this country.
> There are a ton of ways to get involved in the upcoming performance
> and event (happening in September in Cambridge), which encompasses a
> whole weekend of birth- (and Birth-) related stuff. Definitely feel
> free to get in touch with me directly if you have any questions or
> if you just want to chat about it, but I'll let the Boston
> production's producer elaborate further (see below)=85
> Thanks,
> Cat
> Please volunteer your time and talents to help with the preparations
> & fundraising for BOLD Boston, coming September 28 & 29, 2007. BOLD
> (Birth On Labor Day) is a global movement to make maternity care
> mother-friendly through education, truth and action. BOLD Events
> raise awareness about local, national and global maternity care
> issues, raise funds for organizations carrying out the mission to
> make maternity care mother-friendly, and inspire people to take
> action that puts women at the center of their birth experience.
> A wonderful, all-volunteer cast of local women will perform in
> BIRTH, Karen Brody's hit play about 8 women's birth experiences on
> September 28 & 29 at the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre. We have 550
> seats to fill and are hoping to raise thousands of dollars for
> two organizations working to make a change in our maternity care
> system (The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services
> www.motherfriendly.org and The International Cesarean Awareness
> Network www.ican-online <http://www.ican-online>.org)!
> If you can volunteer a few hours of your time, it would be so
> helpful! If you have more time, that would be fantastic!
> Volunteering with BOLD Boston is a way you can help make an impact
> on the quality of maternity care through "theatre for social change"!
> For more information about the play & BOLD, visit the BOLD website:
> www.birthonlaborday.com.
> Please contact Cathleen for more information or to volunteer. Thank
> you!
> Cathleen Barstow, BOLD Boston Organizer/Producer
> Phone: 781-307-1909 or
> E-mail: BOLDinBoston at ...
> Online tickets sales: http://www.brownpap =

> <http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/17630>ertickets.com/event/17630

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