[Parentsgroup-list] Referrals for HUHS OB/GYN physician

Manjari C. Miller mchatter at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 7 20:15:09 EDT 2007

We also had a FANTASTIC experience with brigham's. I was astounded by the 
quality of both prepartum and postpartum care. my husband and i both LOVED 
it. also, this is the first time that on this list i've heard people say 
they don't like it. over my last 6 years at harvard i've only ever heard 
it described in the superlative. i've had friends and colleagues deliver 
at B&W and their experience was so positive that one of the reasons we 
decided to have kids in grad school was to take advantage of the excellent 

re: female doctors...i started off with the same preference at UHS and 
then came to realize that the dr i loved the most was john goldman. he was 
really supportive and very reassuring throughout my pregnancy. i was 
completely unimpressed by both gail gazillion and karen girard--lalita 
haines wasn't too bad. that being said, i've also known people to love 
those drs. i think an ob/gyn is a very personal choice so if you're 
comfortable with someone just stick to that person. of course in the end, 
it's the luck of the draw who is actually present for your labor. again, i 
got lucky and got john goldman who i was hoping for. my worst nightmare 
would have been david olson--i saw him just once and had an incredibly bad 

good luck! 
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On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Sascha Russel wrote:

>> I also had a TERRIFIC experience at the Brigham- I thought the nurses were
>> OUTSTANDING and I would highly recommend it.  The labor and delivery rooms are
>> nice, and the rooms you have afterwards are very nice- and all singles. There
>> is internet/wifi.
>> sascha
>> Let me sound one voice in support of Brigham & Women's. We had a terrific
>> time, including responsive and friendly nursing care and a supportive and
>> positive medical staff. I don't see the added gain of disparaging whole
>> institutions, as is increasingly the tendency on this list; personal
>> experiences with a particular doctor are helpful, broad generalizations are
>> not.
>> Yehuda
>> On 8/7/07, wenc at fas.harvard.edu <wenc at fas.harvard.edu > wrote:
>>> I have to say--I have heard almost entirely negative things about delivering
>>> at
>>> Brigham & Women's--with experiences ranging from the ridiculous to the
>>> traumatic.
>>> And as I recall, the OB consent form HUHS uses was fairly draconinan in its
>>> language--at least it was 5 years ago, or seemed that way at the time.  (I
>>> took
>>> one look and decided to go elsewhere for care.)
>>> I am sure some people have had good experiences at B&W, though.
>>> --Christine
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