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Sascha Russel russel at amber.mgh.harvard.edu
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Dear all,
It is amazing b/c everyone has different opinions about Doctors!  So I
really recommend you meet them all for yourself and make your own decision.

We started out wanting a female doctor too. I was unimpressed with Guzeliean
during our first few appointments- she didn't engage us in the conversations
we wanted to have early on- about natural childbirth etc.. She said oh-
there is tons of time to discuss this stuff later ( it's not true though b/c
if you want to change OB's its hard to find one that has room after the
first few months- we tried!) So we started meeting the other OB's at HUHS.
Oleson seemed really nice (though Male),  and Girard(I'm only half sure this
was her name- I can't remember), who we met last I really liked, and if I
had met her sooner we might have stayed at HUHS.  So.. In the end we moved
to the midwives at Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center- in JP.  They are
part of a big practice of community midwives and they all deliver at the
brigham.  We really liked all the midwives we met.  They are backed up by
the OB practice at the Brigham (mostly Residents backed up by attendings).
In the end we had a c-section b/c our baby was huge ( 11.5 pounds!) that the
residents preformed.  I am healing very fast- pretty much normal at 2 weeks
now- and we were very happy with the OB's.  We live near Longwood, so the
midwife practice at the Brigham was easier for us.  We had midwife Laura
Simondi- but I think they'd all be good. They referred us to specialists and
services at the Brigham and Children's as needed, and I'd highly recommend
them.  Feel free to write with more questions.

> Dear all,
> My husband and I wanted to get feedback from this list on Harvard UHS's OB/GYN
> physicians.  I would prefer a female doctor, and I believe the three on staff
> are Karen Girard, Gail Guzelian, and Lalita Haines.  The factors we are most
> concerned about are whether the physician has a good bed-side manner and if
> she
> is comfortable in dealing with difficult, long labor (rather than immediately
> pushing for a cesarean).
> Any feedback--positive or negative--would be extremely appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance for your help!
> Best wishes,
> Harmony
> (Apologies in advance if this conversation has come up before.  I've been on
> the
> list for a while but couldn't find a thread on this particular topic.)
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