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Deborah Freedman Woods dwoods at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 7 16:59:54 EDT 2007

I delivered at Brigham & Women's two years ago and have a
plan to switch OB's at 36 weeks into my current pregnancy
so I can deliver at Mt. Auburn rather than go back to B & W.
(I want to see my old OB for the pregnancy care, but he
likely wouldn't be on call during my delivery even if I
stayed in his practice.)

My experience at Brigham & Women:  I arrived late at night
on a quiet night at the hospital.  After spending 30
minutes waiting to be checked into triage, I then spent
another 90 minutes in triage after the dr. on call
determined I was indeed in labor.  I was having contractions
every 3 minutes at that point, but I had to wait almost an
hour just for someone to take me from triage to the labor
area.  That was a miserable hour in the tiny, hot triage
room with no support.

My experience during the actual delivery was fine.  It went
smoothly for me.  I received good care during the relatively
short delivery.  Then we had a series of minor annoyances --
about an hour after my daughter was born, I was very hungry.
The nurse said they would transfer me soon to the
post-partum area and I could get food then.  Well, almost an
hour later, I was still in the labor room with nothing to
eat.  Meanwhile, the nurse had moved my bed to the doorway,
where I was left for the time.  My daughter was alert and
wanted to nurse, so I nursed her for the first time in the
doorway waiting to be transferred.

The post-partum room was downright dirty. I won't go into
details, but it was gross.  The post-partum nurses were
overly pushy about breastfeeding on schedule.  My daughter
wasn't hungry on schedule; she wanted to sleep.  They had us
convinced that something was terribly wrong by the time we
left.  We went straight to our ped. the day we came home
from the hospital, who assured us it was fine to feed her
when she was hungry, not on schedule.

Overall, I didn't enjoy my experience at Brigham & Women.  I
personally would avoid it if possible.

Deb Woods

On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Yehuda Kurtzer wrote:

> Let me sound one voice in support of Brigham & Women's. We had a terrific
> time, including responsive and friendly nursing care and a supportive and
> positive medical staff. I don't see the added gain of disparaging whole
> institutions, as is increasingly the tendency on this list; personal
> experiences with a particular doctor are helpful, broad generalizations are
> not.
> Yehuda
> On 8/7/07, wenc at fas.harvard.edu <wenc at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> >
> > I have to say--I have heard almost entirely negative things about
> > delivering at
> > Brigham & Women's--with experiences ranging from the ridiculous to the
> > traumatic.
> >
> > And as I recall, the OB consent form HUHS uses was fairly draconinan in
> > its
> > language--at least it was 5 years ago, or seemed that way at the time.  (I
> > took
> > one look and decided to go elsewhere for care.)
> >
> > I am sure some people have had good experiences at B&W, though.
> >
> > --Christine
> >
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