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This doesn't really answer your question, but I would strong recommend the
midwives of Mt. Auburn Hospital. I had a difficult pregnancy and had access
to excellent medical care along with the support I wanted for natural child
birth. They deliver at Mt. Auburn Hospital so if there is an emergency you
still have full access to medical intervention and they support all sorts of
pain relief including epiderals, etc. if you do not choose to go natural.
They pride themselves on their low C-section rate and support V-BACs. They
are covered on our insurance plan with only a $100 fee for the entire
pregnancy and delivery (no per visit co-pays, etc.) and they give you extra
time at appointments to discuss any concerns that you have. I'm happy to
answer questions about them if you are interested.

Good luck!

On 8/7/07, orourke at fas.harvard.edu <orourke at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Dear all,
> My husband and I wanted to get feedback from this list on Harvard UHS's
> physicians.  I would prefer a female doctor, and I believe the three on
> staff
> are Karen Girard, Gail Guzelian, and Lalita Haines.  The factors we are
> most
> concerned about are whether the physician has a good bed-side manner and
> if she
> is comfortable in dealing with difficult, long labor (rather than
> immediately
> pushing for a cesarean).
> Any feedback--positive or negative--would be extremely appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance for your help!
> Best wishes,
> Harmony
> (Apologies in advance if this conversation has come up before.  I've been
> on the
> list for a while but couldn't find a thread on this particular topic.)
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