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We had a very positive experience on Dr.Guzelian.  Although my wife
eventually had a C-section, it was our own decision after a long labor
process.  Dr. Guzelian had not pushed us for making any move.  Hope it

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Dear all,

My husband and I wanted to get feedback from this list on Harvard UHS's
physicians.  I would prefer a female doctor, and I believe the three on
are Karen Girard, Gail Guzelian, and Lalita Haines.  The factors we are most
concerned about are whether the physician has a good bed-side manner and if
is comfortable in dealing with difficult, long labor (rather than
pushing for a cesarean).

Any feedback--positive or negative--would be extremely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Best wishes,

(Apologies in advance if this conversation has come up before.  I've been on
list for a while but couldn't find a thread on this particular topic.)

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