[Parentsgroup-list] relaxed about vax pediatrician?

wenc at fas.harvard.edu wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Aug 5 15:42:34 EDT 2007

Dear list,

I am looking for a pediatrician, one who is perhaps more relaxed about
infant/childhood vaccination than the mainstream, to interview for a journalism
project.  I'd especially like to find someone who is willing to discuss the idea
that Hepatitis B is not actually a childhood disease.  It would be best if this
was not a naturopath/homeopath but a "real" MD.  I welcome any and all

An immunologist who knows something about Hep B would be great too, if anyone
has any contacts there.

Likewise--if anyone has ever been dropped by a doctor because of vax refusal
issues, and is willing to talk about it, please let me know.


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