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Andrea Heberlein heberlein at wjh.harvard.edu
Wed Aug 1 12:09:12 EDT 2007

I think this may vary by daycare and by age classroom.  Even though 
most rooms have waiting lists, people on those lists may not be able 
to get out of their current arrangements mid-year, or the demand for 
a certain classroom may be lower than for others.  I say this only 
because there was a half-time (afternoon) slot in my son's class at 
Oxford Street in which the parents decided not to keep their child 
there but had to continue to pay for several months until the spot 
was taken by someone else.

good luck,

Hi all,
I wonder if anyone familiar with the matter would be willing to give 
us some advice. My wife and I will be moving to Boston with our baby. 
We just realized that all Harvard affiliated day care facilities 
require a one year contract. I was wondering what is the probability 
of getting someone else to fill in our spot in case we ever break our 
contract in the future (due to my wife's job). We figure that since 
the demand seems to be very high it should not be a problem, but if 
anyone has a better insight, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your kind advice

Best regards,


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