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Here's the response from Nancy Costikyan about my questions about the child=
scholarships.  --Christine

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All the key players are back, and so we are proceeding as we had
planned. We are having a meeting at the end of this month and I hope
that will result in consensus about the delivery model. So we are
close. The Center directors will know how this will work as soon as
we do. They are (gratefully, I'm sure) exempt from the planning
process, which is fully internal and complex from many standpoints.
So, I will say what I always say-- stay tuned!

As for the chat, grad students weren't invited because this chat is
regarding an entirely different scholarship program; the money is
from a different funding source, has different applications,
different tax implications, and different criteria for eligibility.
Anyone with access to HARVie, our intranet, is welcome to join the
chat, but virtually none of the information will be relevant to
graduate students.

I hope this answers your questions for now--and please bear with us
while we move out of the holding pattern into what I hope will be a
smooth landing!

Best regards,


At 08:12 PM 9/11/2006, you wrote:

>Dear Ms. Costikyan,
>I am writing to ask again about the new child care scholarships for grad
>students.  There seems to be some confusion, as you can see by the note fr=
om a
>group member below.  Other grad students have asked me many times about the
>scholarships and people are very confused as to how this works and
>when it will
>I was also wondering why grad students were not invited to the 'online cha=
>this Thursday about the new scholarships, and if we might participate anyw=
>Please let me know if you can shed any light on these issues--Thanks!
>Best, Christine Wenc
>co-chair of the GSAS Grad Student-Parent Organization
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>Has anyone heard anymore about the childcare scholarships for
>graduate students
>with children at Harvard affiliated centers? The directors at Harvard Yard
>Childcare Center don't know anything about it. In fact they had never heard
>about the money being dispersed through the centers and assumed the studen=
>would be given the money to put towards their tuition. If there is no new
>information can anyone suggest who I should be harassing about this proble=
m? I
>am counting on this scholarship to make it through the year now that tuiti=
>for toddlers has risen to $1750 a month!
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