[Parentsgroup-list] fit of bike seat/ using it/ ordering in October

wenc at fas.harvard.edu wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 12 11:19:06 EDT 2006

For bike seat fit: I would check with the specifications on the web site and
call their customer service to make sure it would fit your bike.  This is a
front seat, not a back seat, and I believe it will fit all bikes except
racing-style bikes with dropped handlebars (the curved ones that make you lean
over.)  I have an ordinary 'comfort' bike, women's style, and the seat fit
fine.  (Installation was easy, and the seat unscrews easily when you want to
ride without it.)

Also--because it's in front, there is not much room between your seat and the
back of the kid seat, so when you stop there is not much room to get off your
seat and move your crotch over the frame of the bike when you put your foot on
the ground.  I lowered my seat so I can more or less put my toes securely on
the ground when my butt is still on my seat.  The bike has to lean to one side
just slightly but so far this hasn't been a big deal.  You may also have to
ride with your knees out a little.

Any kid bike seat is going to change how you ride your bike, so keep that in
mind if you're choosing a front or back seat.  I found this one to feel a lot
better (and safer) than the back seat because all the weight is in the same
place, but you may feel differently.  (It was a bit challenging to keep my
3-year-old's hands off the gear shift too  :  ) but now he understands that he
can't touch it and keeps his hands on his arm rest area, and mostly just seems
delighted to be up there with me.)

Finally--I am swamped with beginning-of-semester business so I won't be able to
finalize this order until after Sept 29.  I also told the guy we would try for
20 orders, and we're not quite there yet.  So keep them coming and by the end
of the month we should have enough.  I don't know about returns yet, but I
expect it would be OK.

Hope this helps, Christine

>Thanks for the message about child bike seat.  I'm very interested.
>The only concern is about installation.  I tried to have a child seat
>installed at the back of my bike, but people at the bicycle shop told
>me that the frame is too small to fit.  Would returns be possible if
>there are problems with fitting the seat?




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