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Dear Miriam,

I am the manager of the Office of Work/Life Resources, and am
responding to your email on behalf of Mary Ann O'Brien. First, let me
say that I am delighted that our good news has traveled as far as
Bolivia!  My office is being flooded with questions like yours, and
that is a very good problem to have, indeed.

We are planning a program to assist students pursuing doctorates with
affording the high cost of child care in Cambridge. The funding is
designated for our six Harvard-affiliated child-care centers, with a
goal of increasing the enrollment of children of doctoral students in
these on-site, high quality programs. The link to the centers is:
http://employment.harvard.edu/benefits/worklife/centers.shtml . There
you will find information about the centers, including regular program cost=

We are still working out the details on the delivery of these funds,
and you may be assured that you will be notified when we have
everything in place. We are working closely with GSAS on this, and
you can expect news either from my office, or from GSAS, or both!  We
hope to communicate the necessary details by September, if not sooner.

Thanks for your interest. We are all looking forward to being able to
give greater support to doctoral students here at Harvard.


Nancy Costikyan

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>>Dear Dr. O'Brien,
>>I am a graduate student and was very pleased to hear from Christine
>>Wenc about
>>possible assistance for day care costs. Can you tell me where I can find
>>information about the program and how to apply?
>>Thanks very much,
>>Miriam Shakow
>>GSAS - Social Anthropology
>>Miriam Shakow
>>Candidata de doctorado en antropologia
>>Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, EEUU
>>Investigadora Visitante, CERES
>>Cochabamba, Bolivia
>>Cel: 591-717-77018
>Mary Ann O'Brien
>Director of Communications
>Harvard Office of Human Resources
>telephone: 617/496-7437
>e-mail: maryann_o'brien at harvard.edu
>Employment at Harvard:  http://employment.harvard.edu/
>Harvard Intranet for Employees:  http://harvie.harvard.edu/
>Service Employees at Harvard:  http://serviceemployees.harvard.edu

Nancy Costikyan, MSW, LICSW
Office of Work/Life Resources
Harvard University
124 Mt. Auburn St., 3rd floor
Cambridge, MA  02138
Phone:  617.495.4351
Fax:      617.495.4124

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