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Paula Broadwell paulabroadwell at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 14:43:38 EDT 2006

Need a Portuguese/French/Spanish speaking nanny?
I will not longer be using our delightful nanny, Maria, and wanted to share her with new parents seeking in-home day care. Maria is extremely capable, diligent, and even-tempered.  She is also VERY flexible and worked with me on my crazy day/night/weekend day care needs. 
If interested, please contact her directly: 
Maria Fraga
Tel.: 617-876-6888
Email: mf0228 at verizon.net

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Now I'm not sure that students are eligible for all this stuff, but I
*think* we are.  (You might have to be on the payroll to log into the
HarVie system, which is part of the Employment web site.)  I got
my discounted Zipcar membership more than a year ago, and I'm sure Quad
Bikes, at least, will take anybody.

It's worth trying, at least...



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