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Hi all,

If you are a GSAS student, please do not neglect to complete this survey by Oct
9.  There is a section on child care issues and the impact of parenthood on
your academic progress.  (I guess they finally sat down and read our


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Dear GSAS Student,

I am writing to ask you to be part of a population to take the GSAS survey that
was available at Registration.  I am aware that at the time of your
registration, the survey was not supported with your browser.  We have updated
this survey to work with your browser and ask that you take this survey.

The survey is extremely important to the Graduate School and should only take a
few minutes to complete.  It can be found at:


Please note:  The survey closes at end of day on Monday, October 9th.

If you have any questions or you still encounter a browser problem, please
contact us at ro-help at fas.harvard.edu or 617-496-4372.

Thank you!
FAS / Office of the Registrar

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