[Parentsgroup-list] Anyone have a 6-9 year old and interested in swapping baby-sitting occasionally?

Christina Greenberg cgreenberg at law.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 28 12:50:06 EST 2006

Hi All, =

I am a student at Harvard Law School and mom to a 7-year-old-girl. My
husband and I live in Belmont (right on the border with Cambridge) and
we are looking for someone who is interested in swapping baby-sitting
occasionally. We are interested in going out once or twice a month in
the evenings and we could have your child over one or two evenings a
month as well. It would be preferable if you have a girl or girls around
the same age as my daughter so that they could enjoy the play dates as
well. =

You can contact me at: =

cgreenberg at law.harvard.edu

All the best, =

Christina =

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