[Parentsgroup-list] Child-care co-op idea

Taeseok Kim kim57 at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 28 09:32:16 EST 2006

Hi All,

I'm participating in a co-op running by 12 families located near
porter square. It's for 3 mornings (9-12pm) a week and each parents
serve as caregiver one day per week.  My 22month daughter has been
enjoying since last September and if someone wants affordable backup
childcare this would be good option. I heard it was started by Harvard
graduate students more than 10 years ago but now it's not limited to
us even if there are several Harvard graduate student.  You can check
the website ( http://www.kidscoopcambridge.com )  or contact me for
further questions.

Taeseok Kim

Taeseok Kim
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University
(617) 495-4469
kim57 at fas.harvard.edu

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