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Tue Nov 28 00:08:56 EST 2006

I can get back on the library possibilities.  The only issue that might really
impact any of this is the liability issue, which would, as I understand it,
affect anyplace that would be considered official 'child care' space.  But
doing something informal might well be possible (and indeed, a LOT faster than
going through official channels).

Maybe we should just start bringing kids to Dudley House anyway.  (I already
bring my almost-4-year old there to eat sometimes--he LOVES the conveyer belt
into the kitchen...)  Warning, though, that Susan Zawalich's office is packed
with M&Ms, and she is not shy about handing out huge handfuls to toddlers!  (Or
maybe that's good, I dunno.)

More on this soon (I hope), Christine

Quoting Amanda Alvine <amueller at math.harvard.edu>:

> One place to look for toys would be the spring rummage sale that the
> preschool at the church on the corner of Garden and Mason holds every
> year.  They have some nice toys and books there when I have gone.  They
> also have a nice selection of push-toys and strollers, for anyone
> interested :)
> Having toys in Dudley house sounds like a great idea--I'd love to help,
> but am not currently in the area, so I'll wish you luck instead!  And I
> remember someone mentioning a library offering space?  Anyone more
> familiar with that offer?
> --Amanda
> On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, Ryan Larsen wrote:
> > It seems to me that many parents would be interested in having a place on
> > campus to hang out with their kids and/or with other parents during
> > playgroups.  I think the  Dudley House might be an ideal location.  Last
> > summer I asked Susan Zawalich about having some permanent toys in the
> Dudley
> > house, perhaps in the game room.  She was enthousiastic about the idea.
> I'm
> > sure it would be easy to find the toys.  We could probably use some budget
> > money from the parents group on them, we could easily get toys donated from
> > group members, and maybe the Dudley house could even use some of their
> budge
> > for a couple of nice toys.  Then when you need to kill a little time on
> > campus with your 2 year old, or meet other parents, you can crash at the
> > Dudley house! If this is project that someone has the energy to take up, I
> > would be an enthousiastic and grateful supporter.
> > Ryan
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