[Parentsgroup-list] dudley house toys?

Amanda Alvine amueller at math.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 27 20:50:42 EST 2006

One place to look for toys would be the spring rummage sale that the 
preschool at the church on the corner of Garden and Mason holds every 
year.  They have some nice toys and books there when I have gone.  They 
also have a nice selection of push-toys and strollers, for anyone 
interested :)

Having toys in Dudley house sounds like a great idea--I'd love to help, 
but am not currently in the area, so I'll wish you luck instead!  And I 
remember someone mentioning a library offering space?  Anyone more 
familiar with that offer?


On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, Ryan Larsen wrote:

> It seems to me that many parents would be interested in having a place on 
> campus to hang out with their kids and/or with other parents during 
> playgroups.  I think the  Dudley House might be an ideal location.  Last 
> summer I asked Susan Zawalich about having some permanent toys in the Dudley 
> house, perhaps in the game room.  She was enthousiastic about the idea.  I'm 
> sure it would be easy to find the toys.  We could probably use some budget 
> money from the parents group on them, we could easily get toys donated from 
> group members, and maybe the Dudley house could even use some of their budge 
> for a couple of nice toys.  Then when you need to kill a little time on 
> campus with your 2 year old, or meet other parents, you can crash at the 
> Dudley house! If this is project that someone has the energy to take up, I 
> would be an enthousiastic and grateful supporter.
> Ryan

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