[Parentsgroup-list] Free Holiday Fun

geren at fas.harvard.edu geren at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Nov 26 21:35:55 EST 2006

Hello Parents,

I took my 18-month-old son to the Christmas Shoppes at Mahoney's Garden Center
and it was an unexpected gem. Among the highlights were a good collection of
enormous inflatable lawn decorations, large realistic stuffed animals, and a
model train (which my son chased in circles for no less than 20 minutes). They
also have an entire room full of poinsettias, enormous pots and Christmas
balls, and a room full of decorated Christmas trees. I saw children of all ages
enjoying all of the Christmas decor and best of all since it is really just a
store, browsing is free.

We went to the Mahoney's in Winchester. There are several others but I do not
know if they are equally spectacular. The center is on route 3 and can be
reached by public transportation if you take the red line to Alewife and catch
the 350 bus. http://www.mahoneysgarden.com/ I hope your family enjoys it as
much as mine did!

Joy Geren

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