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Hi Everybody.
I am currently taking a leave of absence. I have a 9month old boy and this =
email made me think that maybe I could help other parents by watching their=
 babies while I'm not in school. I'm returning in january, but if anybody n=
eeds help between now and then, let me know.
April Marie Griffin
Graduate Student (BBS)
Harvard Medical School
april_griffin at hms.harvard.edu
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."-Albert =

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Hi everyone,
Wow, so this list works? :-) I haven't gotten any other posts.

My name is Petra and I recently joined this group. I'm a 5th-year in the
music department (ethnomusicology) and have been a mom for a year. My son,
Patrik, just turned two..

I was wondering
a) if there are any people at Harvard who have adopted/fostered a kid (or
more than one, or are planning to do so) and would like to get together to
disucss related issues (and have our kids meet :-)

b) if someone would be interested in babysitting-swapping, e.g., we get two
or three parents together with their kids and then each parent works for,
say, two ours while his/her kid(s) is/are being watched by the other(s).
This could happen on campus, at my apartment in Central, Square, etc.
Childcare is expensive and I don't have enough of it. So, for some of the
time I'm with my son, I wouldn't mind playing with someone else's kid(s).
Both/all our kids will get more attention than they do in group care,

c) are there any other get-togethers of Harvard parents...?


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>  Hi,
> Please post me on the parent group mailing list.
> Thanks,
> Itay.
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