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geren at fas.harvard.edu geren at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Mar 17 09:14:52 EST 2006

I am also interested in a coop, but not immediately since I was able to get my
son into the Harvard affiliated center in my building. We can't afford it long
term though so we will be looking for other options once he is nursing less.

I was surprised to hear that the Harvard affiliated centers *try* to have 80% of
families be Harvard affiliated. It seems like the demand at Harvard would far
exceed the number of spots. The Harvard centers operate on year long contracts.
I couldn't afford to/didn't want to put my infant son in care in September but
was lucky to find an unfilled spot for December. It seems like it wouldn't be
too hard to get the centers to inform the parents list when these mid-year
spots open up since there may be others who are in a similar situation. Of
course the bigger issue is probably to get more help from the University with
scholarships for graduate student parents. The aid available from the centers
themselves is quite minimal.

I have a feel that the Harvard affiliated centers may view putting together a
coop using University space as competition. I wonder if we could use this to
our advantage. As this process progresses we could tell the centers about it
and if they feel that it might affect their operation they might be willing to
offer some help in getting student parents more financial aid. Just a thought.
I am on the board at Harvard Yard Child Care Center this year so to avoid
conflict of interest that's all I'll say about it.

Joy (mom of Toby, 9 months)

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