[Parentsgroup-list] Official recognition / COOP funds

Linda Liang lliang at deas.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 16 12:51:18 EST 2006

Congratulations on the appointment as an official club!

I am writing to let you know that the COOP has a fair amount of grants 
that are designated for public/community service projects around the 
area.  In general, there is interest from the COOP community to help 
support parents, but they said that they hadn't heard of any particular 
ideas or programs that has really fit with the designation of the 
funds.  Although, reviewing grants this past month, we discussed the 
possibility of perhaps having the COOP fund a co-op type of child care 
for the graduate students. While they can't provide money for 
individuals for child care purposes, they seemed agreeable to the idea 
of helping fund and set up a program that will benefit many graduate 
students, if the need is there.  I was wondering what your thoughts were 
on this as parents, and if there is a need and interest of some sort 
along these lines. 

Linda Liang
Dudley Public Service Fellow

Christine Dianne Wenc wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>As of today, our application was approved by the deans and the GSC, and
>the GSAS Student-Parent Organization is an official GSAS
>group.  This means we can get funding from the GSC & elsewhere, organize colloquia
>and other academic events, keep having social events, and operate our
>advocacy work from a stronger position.  Thank you, everyone, for
>your support.
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