[Parentsgroup-list] family-friendly policies, GSAS?

Diana Ramirez ramirez at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Mar 4 18:56:18 EST 2006


Yes-- I think I was reading these lines in the most 'progressive' way, in
fact. It most probably means that G8+ won't get those grants; and yet, what
harvard should do is to provide at least financial aid to those current
students g8+ whom they would like to pressure into finishing the
dissertation (and of course, they would also have to know that they cannot
enforce this 'new' requirement on those coming behind unless they can also
fund them...)

Thanks, christine, for offering to look into this...


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On Sat, 4 Mar 2006, Diana Ramirez wrote:

> On top of this, as a G4 student approaching the dissertation writing
> it is also really nice to know that, at least in some departments, "the
> will be enforced by restricting dissertation writing grants to students
> are in G8 or above."

I found that passage to be very strange.  Does it mean that only g8 or
above will get writing grants? If so, it is a rule that has not been
applied, yet.  I think it means the opposite, though.  But who knows.

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