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Dear All,

I would just like to point out that I did not ask for advice on whether or =
not to vaccinate my daughter.  I believe that it is a decision to be made b=
y parents, in consultation with their doctor, if they are lucky enough to f=
ind one who approaches the issue critically.  I do not appreciate exhortati=
ons from others, especially on such a personal and delicate issue and on su=
ch a forum as this, whose purpose is not the debate of such controversial t=
opics.  I accept no one's proclamations unquestioningly, especially someone=
 I have never met and know nothing about.  I asked the list because I assum=
ed that there would be some members who approach vaccinations more critical=
ly than others on it, and from them I wanted to hear.


Only read if you want more:

By the way, if we were to ask our doctor (we are now in Switzerland) to giv=
e the MMR, Hib, or Hep B vaccines to our daughter, he would refuse, as woul=
d most doctors here.  No vaccines are required in Switzerland, even to ente=
r school or university, and there are no major outbreaks here of any of the=
se diseases.  Switzerland is a country with many regulations and with certa=
in limitations on personal freedom that America does not have, but the choi=
ce to vaccinate here is a sacred right held by the parents.  I will not ced=
e that right when we return to the States, and thankfully I have already fo=
und a pediatrician who shares our conviction.

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  I just want to add that buying a house/condo without a subsidy is also po=
ssible, but you might have to be willing to live outside of =

  Cambridge/Belmont. We bought a newly renovated, deleaded condo in Dorches=
ter when I started school about 4 years ago.  Out mortgage is probably =

  much less than most students pay for rent.  Despite popular opinion, Dorc=
hester has some wonderful neighborhoods.  We're blocks from the redline so =

  the commute to Cambridge is very easy (25 minutes).  My wife works in Cen=
tral Square and does it every day.  My office is in Longwood so =

  I drop one of the kids at daycare in JP and walk to work.  =

  Also, please, please, please have your children vaccinated.  It's not jus=
t for you, it's for me and my kids too.  I can't stress enough how important
  it is for you to do this.  The risks that you take by not vaccinating far=
 outweigh those posed by potential adverse reactions to the vaccines.

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