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Anything official will require vaccines by state law.  However, you can around
it by stating your 'religious objections' to vaccinating (there is no
scientifically/medically-allowed objection, unfortunately, unless your kid has
had a bad reaction)--you can find guidelines on how to word this on the
anti-vaccine web sites.

Individual caregivers will sometimes not care that much about vaccines,
especially for the more questionable diseases like chicken pox and Hep B (which
is not a childhood disease).  (I've even met pediatricians who thought those
were a bit much.)  So it can't hurt to just ask them.  They need their papers
to file with the state, though, so you will probably have to do something for
them along those lines.

I'm in the history of medicine, and I know of at least one prominent historian
of medicine who does not vaccinate his kids...it's very true that the big drop
in childhood disease in this country happened decades before the vaccines we
use today were introduced.  Public health & good nutrition make a big

(Of course, living in a community where everyone else vaccinates helps too...)

Mothering.com's discussion boards can point you toward the closest 'chicken pox
party' if you are interested.  You might even be able to get the mumps now too.

My son has most of his shots but I spread them out and got most of them later
than the official guidelines suggest.  Also, whooping cough is always
around--one of my students had it last year--so if your kid is still under two
I'd at least get that one.  (It's usually not a serious disease for older

Quoting Jenny Kirsten Ataoguz <jksmith at fas.harvard.edu>:

> dear All,
> Thank you for all the detailed responses about deleaded apartments.  I have
> read and reread each response.  I hope we can figure something out.  We have
> found a realtor, courtesy of this list, who is very realistic, yet confident
> that we can find something (in Belmont, where we hope to live).
> So, my new question:  does anyone send their child to a pre-school that does
> not require vaccinations?  do any preschools not require vaccinations?
> yours,
> kirsten
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