[Parentsgroup-list] Belmont?

Ryan Larsen rlarsen at deas.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 21 08:17:15 EDT 2006

Our family has lived in Belmont for 4 years and we really like it.  You 
pay less in rent (by a few hundred dollars a months, it seems), I think 
there is more space between houses than in Cambridge with more yard 
space available, it's generally a quiet town, and the buses ony take 
about 20 minutes to get to Harvard.  The public schools are very good in 
Belmont, which may be why it seems more expensive to live in Belmont 
than Watertown.  My son will be going to the Belmont Co-op pre-school in 
the Fall.  There is also a good pre-school at Winn Brook elementary that 
is associated with the public schools.  Our neighborhood has a great 
sense of community.  There are many people with small children near us 
and our family spends a lot of time in the backyard with the 
neighborhood families.  I've found two good apartments in Belmont with 
Wendy Ashford as our realtor.  Her number is 617-489-6111. 

Let me know if you have any other questions,

Jenny Kirsten Ataoguz wrote:

> dear All,
> I am looking at an apartment in Belmont and know nothing about 
> Belmont. Does anyone live in Belmont?  Or send his/her child to a 
> preschool in Belmont?
> Thanks,
> Kirsten
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