[Parentsgroup-list] Parent/Infant Group at HUHS

Ann Ishimaru Ann_Ishimaru at gse.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 20 14:09:52 EDT 2006

Hi there,
I am a new mom (baby is 6 weeks old today) interested in connecting with 
other new parents. Harvard Univ. Health Services offers a parent/infant 
group periodically for new parents, but they may not run it this summer 
due to lack of participants, so I wanted to put it out there to see if 
there are other new parents out there who might be interested in joining 
us in making it a group.  I've attached a brief description below from 
Maureen Rezendes, who runs the group. 
The schedule has yet to be set, but it would likely be a weekday 
morning.  You can either contact her for more information or reply to me 
if that's easier: Mrezend at uhs.harvard.edu.  It may be that very new 
parents have yet to learn about this great listserv, so thanks for 
passing this along to anyone you know who might fit the bill.

Also, if anyone knows of a good babysitter avail. 2-3 days/week this 
fall, please let me know - likewise if you are interested in sharing a 
babysitter when we find one!

Ann Ishimaru
(GSE doctoral student)

The group is a support group where parents can attend with their
infants.  We generally do a check-in and find out how the week is going.
Members offer support, sometimes advice and resources based on their own
experiences.  There is no fee for Harvard students but a $10 copay for
those with HUGHP insurance.  Groups smaller than five members usually
last one hour; we have a 1.5 hour group for groups that are larger. 

Maureen Rezendes, Ph.D.
Harvard University Health Services
75 Mt. Auburn Street, 4 East
Cambridge, MA 02138-4992
617-495-2042 office
617-496-6890 fax

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