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candice belanoff cbelanof at hsph.harvard.edu
Sun Jun 18 14:06:51 EDT 2006

We'd be into an older-kid (3-6 year-old-ish) playgroup in the Mission Hill, 
JP, Roslindale, Brookline area if anyone has interested post-toddlers.

--candice (mom of Eli, 4)

At 09:08 AM 6/18/2006 -0400, Miriam Shakow wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Is anyone interested in forming a play group or rotating babysitting group in
>Peabody Terrace? Or are there some groups already? We will move in Sept 1. A
>rotating babysitting group or playgroup might be  a way to start in gently on
>alternatives or supplements to the local expensive daycare centers, along the
>lines of the coop description that Christine has sent out.
>Our baby, Theo, will be a year and a half old in September.
>Take care,
>Miriam Shakow
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