[Parentsgroup-list] Harvard Daycare 12 month contract

geren at fas.harvard.edu geren at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jun 16 11:19:34 EDT 2006

My son goes to Harvard Yard Child Care Center and they actually don't have a 12
month contract. They require a contract Sept-June and July and August are
seperately contracted and optional. They also offer small need based
scholarships. Right now the center doesn't have much need for scholarships
despite the $1700/month tuition for the infant room since most of the families
there are quite well off, but if there was more need there could potentially be
more fund raising. (I chaired the HYCC yard sale to raise money for
scholarships.) Harvard Yard is a coop so you have to be willing to work in the
classroom and contribute to the community but the community atomsphere is
great, we even had an anonymous donor pay our tuition one month.

The tuition is decided each year by the families in the center. This year, as
usual, they voted for the highest increase in tuition that was suggested. This
will increase most children's tuition by around $100 a month next year. The
families vote on such a great increase in tuition in order to give significant
raises to all of the teachers. The high pay results in quality staff, although
I can't claim to endorse the tuition hike. Next year the tuition for my
1-year-old will exceed my (pre-tax) stipend by $50 a month. Yes, I think it is
ridiculous to pay this much for child care but this is the only way to know
that he is safe, have him in my building and be able to nurse during the day.
Unless the new scholarships are amazingly large (or my husband or I finishes
school and gets a paying job) we will probably move him some place cheaper when
he turns two.

Joy Geren, GSAS G4 Psychology

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