[Parentsgroup-list] MassHealth has been great-apply!

Brandeis McBratney-Owen mcbratn at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 24 13:53:16 EDT 2006

Dear Chi-Kuo (and other parents)-
Our daughter has been on MassHealth for over a year and it has been fantastic! 
After we were approved, they sent us a choice of 3 health insurance providers
to choose from.  These were regular insurance companies---so we called our
doctor's office (Dr. David Elvin at the Cambridge Health Allicance office on
Mass Ave just 5 minutes walk north of Porter Sq T stop-we love him) and they
said they accepted one of the three plans we had been offered-Network Health. 
So we chose that plan and sent our choice back to MassHealth and that was it.

So the bottom line is that even though our daughter has MassHealth, she goes to
a regular (fantastic!) doctor's office and has a regular health insurance plan
(we just don't pay for it).  She also has dental coverage for free.

Now that I've said that, MassHealth is a large umbrella program which operates a
number of different coverages (as you've seen from replies from other parents),
so it is possible you have been offered a different type of coverage via
MassHealth than we have.

My suggestion to anyone is apply for MassHealth because the state may be able to
help you obtain insurance or help you pay for the insurance you already have. 
It appears that the state is committed to making sure children are covered in
some manner.  If you are struggling with paying for or obtaining affordable
insurance, just do the paperwork (its free to apply) and see what happens.  It
absolutely helped my family when we really needed it most.


Quoting Chi-Kuo Hu <ckhu at fas.harvard.edu>:

> Hello, is here anyone who has experience on MassHealth?  I am an
> international
> student in GSAS.  My three-month-old son just got granted the MassHealth and
> now I need to pick up one primary care plan for him.  Anyone who ever in the
> MassHealth plan can give me any suggestion?  Right now my son is in HUHS/BCBS
> and we love our doctor (Elizabeth Miller) very much.  Does any MassHealth
> primary care provider plan covers doctors from childrens hospital like
> Dr.Miller?
> Besides, what is the major difference between HUHS/BCBS and MassHealth/PCP ?
> Is
> the former significantly better than the latter?  My personal feeling is
> Harvard
> insurance for student is not good enough and much worse than the insurance
> for
> staff/postdoc.  We pay more but have less benefit in returen.  Is the
> MassHealth even worse than HUHS/BCBS?  Since MassHealth is free, I am very
> happy it could save some money from my not-that-deep pocket, but also worry
> about the quality at the same time.
> Any feedback will be appreciated.  Thank you!
> Chi-Kuo
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