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Sun Jul 23 14:06:01 EDT 2006

My children have been on Mass Health Premium Assistance for the last 3 years and
it is a FANTASTIC program.  Essentially, if you qualify for any kind of Mass
Health, you can apply for this program and Mass Health will pay part or all of
your insurance premiums for other insurance plans--in fact, I think Mass Health
prefers to do it this way as their only cost is only insurance premiums instead
of hospital bills.  My husband is a GSAS student and both of our children are
on HUHS Blue Cross Blue Shield which is great because Blue Cross Blue Shield IS
covered out of state (with co-pays) and you can also stay with the HUHS services
and not have to switch doctors (we also see Elizabeth Miller and LOVE her!).  In
addition to all of the documents you needed to submit to apply for Mass Health,
you just need to fill out another document that proves that you are on a health
insurance plan and then they will send you checks monthly (up to $160/child) to
cover your premiums.  I have found Rose Candelora at the Premium Assistance
office to be especially helpful.  Her e-mail is RCANDELORA at pcgus.com.

Good Luck!
Aimee Hickman

Quoting geren at fas.harvard.edu:

> My son has only been using MassHealth since earlier this summer (the state
> switched us over from CMSP when elgibility criteria changed). So far my big
> concern is that if you travel out of state your child is essentially
> uninsured.
> However, everything we have needed so far has been free, no copays for office
> visits, durable medical equipment or prescriptions (the services we have need
> so far). We kept our regular doctor and we are covered at Children's
> Hospital.
> I would like to hear what others who have been on MassHealth for longer have
> to
> say about it. Also, does anyone know where to find the information on what
> services are covered and who is eligible? The information online is out of
> date
> and when I requested an information packet they sent the same out of date
> information.
> What is the difference between student and postdoc/staff insurance other than
> students not having copays at HUHS? I have been quite happy with my
> insurance.
> Unfortunately I have taken advantage of many of the services, but I only
> rarely
> have to pay copays (for things like surgery, ambulance service, etc.) and
> while
> specialist visits outside of HUHS are limited we seem to have access to a
> large
> number of specialists at HUHS. What problems have you experienced with the
> insurance?
> Best,
> Joy Geren
> Quoting Chi-Kuo Hu <ckhu at fas.harvard.edu>:
> > Hello, is here anyone who has experience on MassHealth?  I am an
> > international
> > student in GSAS.  My three-month-old son just got granted the MassHealth
> and
> > now I need to pick up one primary care plan for him.  Anyone who ever in
> the
> > MassHealth plan can give me any suggestion?  Right now my son is in
> > and we love our doctor (Elizabeth Miller) very much.  Does any MassHealth
> > primary care provider plan covers doctors from childrens hospital like
> > Dr.Miller?
> >
> > Besides, what is the major difference between HUHS/BCBS and MassHealth/PCP
> ?
> > Is
> > the former significantly better than the latter?  My personal feeling is
> > Harvard
> > insurance for student is not good enough and much worse than the insurance
> > for
> > staff/postdoc.  We pay more but have less benefit in returen.  Is the
> > MassHealth even worse than HUHS/BCBS?  Since MassHealth is free, I am very
> > happy it could save some money from my not-that-deep pocket, but also worry
> > about the quality at the same time.
> >
> > Any feedback will be appreciated.  Thank you!
> >
> > Chi-Kuo
> >
> >
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