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Regarding the question about what to say if you're asked about kids--here
are some people who can probably answer. It's TOMORROW, Wed Jan 11, at 10

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Subject: Handling Tough Interview Questions and Negotiations


>Wednesday, January 11, 10:00 =96 11:30am, OCS Conference Room
>Have you received an invitation to interview for an academic or
>nonacademic job?  What question do you dread most?  Do you have an
>important personal issue that impacts on your decision to accept a job
>offer, such as the =93two-body problem,=94 work visa issues, family
>considerations, need for a workplace accepting of your sexual orientation,
>religion, or other concern?  Do you need some guidance on negotiating the
>best offer?
>Attend this discussion led by all three of the GSAS career counselors and
>bring your toughest questions!
>Laura S. Malisheski, Ph.D.
>Assistant Director, GSAS Student and Ph.D. Advising
>Office of Career Services
>Faculty of Arts and Sciences
>Harvard University
>54 Dunster St.
>Cambridge, MA 02138
>Phone: 617-495-2595
>Fax: 617-496-6880
>malishes at fas.harvard.edu

Laura S. Malisheski, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, GSAS Student and Ph.D. Advising
Office of Career Services
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Harvard University
54 Dunster St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617-495-2595
Fax: 617-496-6880
malishes at fas.harvard.edu
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