[Parentsgroup-list] PBS special - Raising Cain

Ophelia Navarro navarrop at gse.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 9 19:00:41 EST 2006

PBS special on the book Raising Cain - how to raise emotionally
sensitive boys in a culture that expects them to be physical/violent and
without emotional needs.

WGBH 2/44

Thu, Jan 12, 9pm, WGBH 2
Fri, Jan 13, 1am, WGBH 2
Fri, Jan 13, 1am, WGBH 44
Fri, Jan 13, 4am, WGBH 44


Raising Cain, hosted by child psychologist Michael Thompson, coauthor of the 2000 book Raising 
Cain, explores the emotional development of boys in America today. Thompson consults with 
psychologists, social activists, researchers, and educators to probe the issues facing young 
males. The program provides surprising new research about boys' inner workings, dispelling a 
number of commonly held misconceptions and highlighting innovative programs that are bringing out 
the best in America's boys.

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