[Parentsgroup-list] Re: improve English

Jean-Francois Charles jcharles at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 5 10:15:10 EST 2006

> Dear all,
> My wife knows little bit English. She wants to improve her English in this
> year.
> Do you know any volunteers who want to help her?
> Thanks
> Yangga

Not a very social suggestion, but I just discovered esl (English as a Second
Language) podcasts. A podcast is similar to a radio program, but you need a
computer and if you subscribe to a podcast, all new episodes will be
downloaded onto your computer as soon as available.
You need broadband internet access and iTunes software (free from Apple,
also available on PC, as far as I know).
In iTunes, click on Podcasts and make a search with keyword "esl" for
example. I currently listen to one called "English as a second language
Podcast" produced by "Center for Educational Development". It's really done
to learn English.

All this is free.
Hope that helps.


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