[Parentsgroup-list] Any interest in nanny-sharing?

Nancy Odeh odeh_nancy at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 15 00:03:28 EST 2006

Hello Everyone:

We are looking for a family to share a nanny with.  My
baby girl is 7 months old and I think it would be
ideal for her to be able to interact with another
infant. Our current nanny is extremely loving and
competent but unfortunately she will heading back to
her home country.  We are hoping to start
nanny-sharing in March.  If anyone currently has a
nanny and is keen to explore the idea of nanny-sharing
with us, then we would love to hear from you. 

Please send an email directly to me
(odeh_nancy at yahoo.com). I will be out of town till the
22nd but I will be sure to get back to you (by phone
or email) as soon as I return.
Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you!

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