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Marna S. Costanzo mcostanz at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Dec 10 14:21:13 EST 2006

Dear Graduate Student Moms,

A friend of mine in History of Science at Penn is doing a project on how
graduate students have balanced/negotiated the demands of breastfeeding and
graduate school.  She has been having trouble finding graduate student
mothers who breastfeed or used to breastfeed and asked if there were any
students here that could provide her with some more data.  All personal
details will be kept confidential, of course.

We all know what it's like trying to collect data, so please fill out the
attached questionnaire if you have time!  She would need the data by Tuesday
to have enough time to meet her deadline.  You can send the completed
questionnaire to meggie.crnic at gmail.com .

Thank you!


Marna Costanzo
Graduate Student
Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology


Breastfeeding Questionnaire


What is your institution and affiliation?


How old is your child?


Why did you decide to breastfeed?


How long have you breastfed/did you breastfeed your child?  How long do you
plan to breastfeed? 


Does your institution have specific policies for students with dependents?
If so, please briefly explain them and/or provide a link to a website that
explains them. 


How have you negotiated/managed the demands of graduate school and
child-care, specifically regarding breastfeeding?


Do you feel like your institution has been supportive?  How, why, or in what


Have any accommodations been made for you?


What accommodation have you made?


Please feel free to add any other comments about your experience
breastfeeding or about being a graduate student and a mother.


Thank you for your participation!


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