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More holiday fun!

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Friday, December  8 - 6 p.m.  Annual Holiday Classic at Dudley: The
Sound of Music

Crisp apple strudel, Julie Andrews, Captain von Trapp, nuns, nazis,
alps, a scheming baroness...and all those children! Irresistible for so
many of us...we can't help it.  Great fun for everyone!  We'll have nice
hot cider, cold juice, and warm  apple strudel (made for us by Jeff the
Chef!)  so please come and relax and enjoy this Friday ....shown on the
new  big-screen TV in the Graduate Student Lounge at Dudley House.
Children of all ages are welcome.

Susan Zawalich
Dudley House Adminstrator
Lehman Hall
Harvard University
zawalich at fas.harvard.edu
Telephone: 617-495-2255
Fax #: 617-496-5459

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