[Parentsgroup-list] No well-baby visits with BCBS??

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Mon Dec 4 10:28:24 EST 2006

I left the UHS pediatrics system on my husband's health insurance, but I
think that I called BCBS to find out why they would only cover 3 visits a
year and I was told that they would cover all routinely scheduled pediatric
visits, including the extra ones the first year. I also had a friend who did
all of her OB stuff at Mount Auburn, and it was entirely covered by the
student version of BCBS. (This is all 2-3 years ago.)

I have found the patient advocate at UHS member services to be very clear on
the various policies and helpful as well (to the extent that she has any
power to do anything about existing policies). She is reachable by email,
phone, or web comments, all at

I would definitely give her a call if I were having questions about these


On 12/4/06, Amanda Alvine <amueller at math.harvard.edu> wrote:
> My daughter *is* 4, and they laid out *in the BCBS list of covered care*
> that you had x # of well-baby visits for this age child, with any doctor
> who took BCBS, *certainly* 4 years ago, and almost certainly this last
> year when I had my second baby and checked back into it.  I have used the
> out-of-house pediatrics.  I have been with UHS for going on 8 years now
> (blush!).  This is new--at least relatively new.
> UHS is absolutely primary care for adults.  No argument.  But they used to
> let you choose your pediatrician elsewhere, perhaps because they don't
> have as full a range of drs to choose from on the 4th floor.
> Do they still let you go out-of-house for OB?  They also have in-house OB
> staff....
> --Amanda
> On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, wenc at fas.harvard.edu wrote:
> > Hmm--as far as I know this is not a new policy--my son is almost 4 and I
> have
> > always been under the impression that UHS was our primary care
> source--and
> > anything else was for special care.
> >
> > They do have some kind of pamphlet or something that I saw last year and
> the
> > year before that makes this clear.  I think it's a common misconception
> that
> > UHS is 'just' student health services, when it's actually designed to be
> a full
> > clinical service not just for students but for employees and their
> families as
> > well.  (I know it took me about 2 years to figure this out.)
> >
> > Christine
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Quoting Amanda Alvine <amueller at math.harvard.edu>:
> >
> >> But this policy has changed recently (like just *this school year*)--as
> >> Justine pointed out, they used to cover all well-baby visits (they even
> >> laid out how many--6 for the first year, 3(?) for the second, etc in
> their
> >> literature) but appparrently they have stopped.  Thank you Justine for
> the
> >> warning, Perhaps we could ask HUHS to make that a bit clearer--back
> when I
> >> started using HUHS for more than just me, they pretty much told me *I*
> >> had to get primary care there, and that the only two things I could go
> >> out-of-house for were pediatrics (the whole thing) and OB care.
> >> Apparently this has changed, and they should make this more clear to
> the
> >> continuing subscribers.
> >>
> >> Good luck with your appeal, Justine!
> >>
> >> --Amanda
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