[Parentsgroup-list] No well-baby visits with BCBS??

Amanda Alvine amueller at math.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 4 06:31:30 EST 2006

But this policy has changed recently (like just *this school year*)--as 
Justine pointed out, they used to cover all well-baby visits (they even 
laid out how many--6 for the first year, 3(?) for the second, etc in their 
literature) but appparrently they have stopped.  Thank you Justine for the 
warning, Perhaps we could ask HUHS to make that a bit clearer--back when I 
started using HUHS for more than just me, they pretty much told me *I* 
had to get primary care there, and that the only two things I could go 
out-of-house for were pediatrics (the whole thing) and OB care. 
Apparently this has changed, and they should make this more clear to the 
continuing subscribers.

Good luck with your appeal, Justine!


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