[Parentsgroup-list] Health insurance enrollment form for dependents

Christine Dianne Wenc wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Aug 14 12:07:42 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Everyone who wants HUHS/BCBS insurance must fill out this form every year
for their dependents.  Continued coverage is not automatic.  Since the
fall term start date was 8/1, might be good if you do this ASAP.


My MassHealth application says that they prefer (require?) that you keep
any insurance you already have access to or are already enrolled in, and
that if you qualify they
will pay all or part of the premium.  I expect grad student families would
probably be encourage (required?) to take the HUHS/BCBS insurance now,
instead of just
opting out of it and taking MassHealth instead--but will keep you posted.


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