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Yes, you don't have to be a non-citizen to get Masshealth.  But not all
kinds of non-citizens are qualified for MassHealth too.  In Appendix
required to be filled by non-citizens, it states several possible situations
which non-citizens are qualified for Masshealth.  For me, it looks like
F1/F2 doesn't fit any of them.   In fact, I applied twice, before and after
my baby's birth.  Usually your application will be filed and they will know
if you ever applied before (I know it because they misspelled my and my
wife's name by the same way on both rejection letters).  
I have a question.  If they are really willing to cover part of all of
F1/F2s' insurance fee, will Mass Gov. be broken very soon?  I bet almost all
international students are qualified for the low-income definition in MA.
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Hmm--it states very clearly on page 1 of the application that "You do not
have to be
a US citizen to get MassHealth."  Rejecting you on the basis of your visa
status seems odd--we should look into this.

You might want to apply again, especially since the rules have changed
since July 1.  In bureaucratic matters it also can depend, unfortunately,
upon who happened to process your application.  If you try again you might
get someone who is more inclined to accept you.


On Sat, 5 Aug 2006, Chi-Kuo Hu wrote:

> Based on my own experience, even the MassHealth is not restricted to US
> citizen, F1 or F2 Visa holders are not qualified for it.  That is the main
> reason listed on the letter why my wife and I got rejected.
> My 4-month old son is a citizen and granted the MassHealth.    Thanks for
> the info from parents in this mailing-group, I transferred my son to the
> premiums assistance program.  The MassHealth office is quite efficient
> actually.  I faxed documents at 11am and got an email at 4pm telling me my
> son is qualified and checks will be sent monthly.  I just got the check
> yesterday.
> Documents I faxed:
> 1. Application form I got it from premiums assistance office's email,
> is a two-page form.
> 2. A letter from HUHS at holyoke center, verifying you and your family
> enrolled in the HUHS/BCBS.
> 3. Get PDF files from HUHS website and print them out. A) Summary of HUHS
> plan for 2007; B) Summary of BCBS plan for 2007, C) Rates of HUHS/BCBS for
> 2007
> It also took us ~2 weeks for MassHealth application.  But once you got
> MassHealth, everything should be easy and done quickly.  Hope it helps,
> thanks again for parents providing the valuable information about
> (especially Aimee Hickman!)
> Chi-Kuo
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> This is great Brandeis--thanks!
> A couple of things--
> You do not have to be a US citizen to get Mass Health.
> If you want to apply for Mass Health, I urge you to do it ASAP, since the
> HUHS enrollment year has already started--and if you want to get Mass
> Health to pay your Blue Cross premiums for your spouses/dependents, I am
> sure it's smart to get it done soon.  It takes Mass Health 2-3 days to
> send you
> the application (unless you download it from the web site) and another 10
> days to get approval.
> **The student academic year starts on August 1 for HUHS purposes, so this
> means we are already in the next term.**  I don't actually know how it
> will work with the Blue Cross payment, so will keep you posted.  The
> Harvard health insurance waiver deadline is Sept 30, so if you want to
> just go with Mass Health, you will need to know by then.
> To get a Mass Health application, call 1-800-841-2900.  I have just
> started the application process so will be happy to pass along anything I
> find out.
> NOte changes to the Harvard Blue Cross policy--deductibles have doubled.
> http://huhs.harvard.edu/PDF/AY07HealthInsChanges.pdf
> Christine
> On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Brandeis McBratney-Owen wrote:
> > Dear Parents-
> > We're trying to get an unofficial guide to health insurance options onto
> the
> > Harvard Students, Spouses & Partners Association (HSSPA) website.
> from
> > HSSPA has graciously offered to upload a PDF document with any health
> insurance
> > information we can put together.  It will be a part of the HSSPA Kids
> Guide.
> >
> > If you have 10 minutes to spare, we could use your help.  I have written
> 2
> > page document about all of the options parents have recently written
> about-it
> > is attached here as a word document.  The programs included so far are
> those
> > through Mass Health, the Children's Medical Security Plan, Blue Care for
> Kids,
> > and Harvard University Health Services (HUHS)/Blue Cross-Blue Shield
> (BCBS).
> > We would greatly appreciate if those of you who have used any of these
> plans
> > could review what I wrote and see if there is anymore information that
> could be
> > added (such as where do you apply for CMSP?).  If their are insurance
> options we
> > have missed or misinformation, please pass that along to my
> > email(mcbratn at fas.harvard.edu).  The more comprehensive the guide, the
> better.
> > Sorry about the typos etc.
> >
> > Thanks for your help.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Brandeis
> >
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