[Parentsgroup-list] Any recommondation on obstetrician?

Christine Dianne Wenc wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 23 12:06:40 EDT 2005

I do know that the Cambridge birth center is picking up some of the
clients of the recently-closed Wellesley birth center, so if you are due
soon it might be somewhat complicated to get in there.  I've talked with
many people who have loved the midwife practice at the women's health
center on Mass Ave (that's Cambridge, I think) but have also heard reports
of some of them being more 'medwives' than midwives.  (A friend ended up
laboring totally on her back hooked up to fetal monitors etc--NOT what she
wanted at all, esp since she ended up with a c-section.)  Massachusetts
has one of the highest c-section rates in the country, by the way--around

There are some good home birth midwives in Boston if you want to go that

On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, tengli wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can anyone recommend a good obstetrician? Especially near harvard sq. Or
> inman sq.
> Anyone has the experience at cambridge women's health center or cambridge
> birth center both on 1493 cambridge street?
> Thanks a lot!
> -Teng (GSAS)

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