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The possibility of a guaranteed TF spot that you actually know about
before the 2nd week of classes...

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Subject: Fwd: Statistics Teaching Fellows wanted

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>Subject: Statistics Teaching Fellows wanted
>The Department of Statistics is seeking qualified graduate students and
>upper-level undergraduates
>to serve as Teaching Fellows or Course Assistants in Statistics 100,
>Introduction to Quantitative
>Methods, this fall.  Students must have taken Stat. 100, 101, 104, or the
>equivalent.  Prospective TFs with
>strong quantitative backgrounds can go to
>www.stat.harvard.edu/TF-job-desc.html  and
>The completed application can be dropped off in the Statistics Department
>main office,
>Science Center 7th Floor, or faxed to 617-496-8057.
>TFs for Statistics 100 (or Statistics 104) should be available to attend
>Monday, WEdnesday, Friday, 11-12.  There will be regular TF meetings, to be
>scheduled, as well as the usual section meetings and office hours.  There
>will also
>be required TF training, currently scheduled for Friday, Sept. 23 and
>Sept. 30, 2-5 p.m.
>For more information, email cogswell at stat.harvard.edu,
>goswami at stat.harvard.edu, or kchung at fas.harvard.edu
>Thank  you,
>Betsey Cogswell
>Department Administrator
>Department of Statistics
>Harvard University
>617-495-5497 phone
>617-496-8057 fax
>cogswell at stat.harvard.edu

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