[Parentsgroup-list] Recommendation for Dentist

John C. C. Hughes jchughes at fas.harvard.edu
Fri May 27 22:56:20 EDT 2005

I am a graduate-student/parent of two children, ages two and four.  I want to
pass along some information about a dentist that is absolutely perfect for
people in our situation.

Name:  Her name is Dr. Karen A. Bright (how can you go wrong with a dentist
whose last name is "Bright"?)

What she is like:  She is a fabulous dentist.  She is very thorough and strikes
me as very competent.  Moreover, she is absolutely wonderful with young
children.  I'll just put this way--both my kids are asking when they get to see
her again.

Prices and insurance.  Insurance:  she does NOT require it (and is one of the
few we found in the area who does not).  Prices:  MUCH, much better than
anything you could get through Harvard.  At my family's first visit, she
explained that she understands the financial strains of graduate life.  So, she
has a "student" discount that she gives to me and to everyone in my family.  A
children's cleaning is $25.  An adult's cleaning is approximately $30.  These
are for cleanings; specific procedures, I'm sure, are more.  Note also that
these prices may not be current, so please don't hold me to them.

Her contact info:  435 Washington St., Suite B, Somerville, MA 02143. 
(Basically, she's at the corner of Kirkland St. and Beacon St., perhaps 1/3
mile from campus.)  Phone:  617-491-2829.  Web:  www.brightdental.com

Hope this helps!

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